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Lyrebird Arts Council Inc.


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If you are contacting us about ticketing, here’s a few handy notes that may help. They’re on;

How things work…

  • Buying your tickets
  • Preparing for the night
  • Arriving on the night

What happens if…

  • You can’t get tickets
  • You’ve got your tickets but can’t get to the show
  • The show is rescheduled or cancelled

As always, if you still have a question, get in touch.


We use Oztix for ticketing for all our shows. They are wonderful and super helpful. We’ve traditionally used them for our larger shows at Mossvale, now we’ve extended that to all our shows.

Tickets are purchased from the link on our website page for the show. The link takes you to the Oztix page where you can make your purchase.

You’ll have the following options as part of your purchase;

Ticket Delivery

There are three delivery methods to choose from; e-mail, SMS or registered post;

* E-mail delivery: Is free (and the most popular method). It’s also the default option on the screen. The delivery email from Oztix includes a PDF of your tickets. You’ll firstly immediately receive a confirmation email that the purchase was successfully done, shortly followed by (typically within 10 to 15 mins) the email with the tickets PDF attached. If you don’t receive it, check your spam folder.

* SMS delivery: Incurs a small delivery fee, which is added to the total as you are making your purchase. The SMS also includes a PDF of your tickets. The SMS is sent to you immediately.

* Printed tickets delivery by registered post: This incurs a higher delivery fee. Tickets are printed and sent in postal runs, so expect to receive them after a few days. (Just note that if you are making a purchase close to a show date, the registered post option won’t be available given the show date being too close for the tickets to arrive in time.)

The method of ticket delivery is purely your preference. We don’t mind which delivery method you choose.

Ticket Protection

You’ll have the choice to protect your ticket purchase as insurance in case you can’t attend on the night. If you wish to have your ticket protected, the protection fee will be added to your purchase total.

If you ultimately can’t get to the show, (and you had your ticket protected) you can claim a refund using XCover. The procedure for claiming a refund (as well as the scenarios where a refund can be claimed) is below.

If you can’t get to a show, you also have the option to resell your ticket. Reselling is done using Tixel. The procedure for reselling is also below in case you need it. If you do need to resell, we recommend only using Tixel, given the fraud protection and integration with Oztix that’s used behind the scenes.

Sitting with friends booked under another name

We know our shows are a great way for friends to catch up, even if they have booked tickets separately. To help you all be together on the night, we’ve included a field in the ticket purchase screen that you can enter the name of the booking that your friends have booked under. We’ll use that to endeavour to seat you all together at the same table.

(Naturally, if you’ve booked last minute, it may not be possible to seat you all together).

Special seating requirements

If you require any special seating requirements, eg, you’re in a wheel chair and/or need an aid/companion seat, just let us know in the “sitting with friends” field when you are making your purchase. If you have any subsequent questions about your requirements, reach out to us at


You are welcome to bring all nibbles, platters, eats & drinks. We don’t sell any food or drink in the hall; however, there are local restaurants, pub, supermarket and bottle shop nearby if you need them.

The hall is wheelchair accessible.

While our shows are all ages, we have no room for prams or pushers in the hall.

Our normal times on show nights are 7pm Doors open, 8pm Show commences. (The occasional show may have different times, but if that’s the case, we’ll have that info on our website and Oztix.)

If you are travelling from Melbourne, allow 2hrs to get from the CBD (and a bit extra if the show is on a weeknight).


Meeniyan Town Hall is on the main highway in the middle of the town (put “97 Whitelaw St” into your maps App). Entry is via the foyer at the front of the hall.

When you arrive on the night we’ll ask for your booking name.

You are more than welcome to have your ticket on your phone (or even printed if you prefer) as reference. We’ll already have your booking name and the number of tickets you purchased on our door list.

We will also have allocated the table number for your group to be seated at. If you had requested to be seated with friends booked under another name, we’ll have also endeavoured to seat you all together at the same table.

All you’ll need to do is let us know your booking name, and we’ll let you know your allocated table number, and show you to your table.

The remaining task is to enjoy the show!

Wait Listing

If a show sells out, Oztix automatically enables wait listing. If you wish, you can enter your email address in the Oztix wait list screen, and if additional tickets become available, Oztix will email you to let you know. Naturally, wait listing doesn’t guarantee tickets will become available, but surely helps if they do!

Purchasing Resale Tickets

Occasionally, ticket purchasers find they’re unable to attend the show they’ve bought tickets for. When that happens, they may choose to submit those tickets for resale on Tixel.

You can check Tixel to see if any resale tickets are available. (In the Tixel website, search on ‘Meeniyan’. The search result ‘Meeniyan Town Hall’ will display. Click on the search result, then the Tixel page of Meeniyan Town Hall events will display. The only events shown are ones with resale tickets submitted).

There is also a Tixel wait list for the event. (This wait list is separate from the Oztix wait list) which you can join if resale tickets aren’t currently available.

We only recommend using Tixel for purchasing resale tickets, as they are integrated with Oztix and have fraud prevention in their purchase process.


We understand life happens, and that you may not be able to get to a show you’ve bought tickets for. Oztix has helped take out the stress for us if that were to happen. Here’s how it’s done (hopefully you’ll never need it!):

Requesting a Refund

Oztix has partnered with XCover to administer any ticket refund requests.

When you purchased your ticket, if you had included ticket protection (ie, in the Refund Protection section of the Oztix screen you had selected ‘Yes, please protect my tickets’) then you may be able to claim a refund if you can’t get to the show.

The scenarios where a refund can be claimed, as well as the refund process is on the XCover website. Just follow their prompts to do the refund request. You’ll have 15 days from the show date to claim the refund.

Needless to say, if you selected ‘No, thank you. I understand my booking is non-refundable’ when you purchased your ticket, then a refund can’t be obtained.

Reselling a ticket

Oztix has partnered with Tixel to administer any ticket resales.

The Tixel resale process is designed to prevent scalping and fraud. The process includes that you can nominate your own resale price, (noting it’s capped at 10% above the original purchase price). You only get paid if the resale ticket is actually sold, and payment is made after the show date. They also have other anti-fraud tech behind the scenes.

If you need to resell your ticket, the process is done on the Tixel website.

You’ll need the PDF of your ticket to do the resale process. If your original ticket delivery was by email or SMS, use that PDF for the resale process. (If your ticket delivery was by registered post, reach out to us at or to Oztix Support to request the PDF be emailed to you).

With your ticket PDF at hand, just follow the Tixel prompts to do the resale request.

We would discourage using any other ticket reseller given the unknown validity and fraud risk.


Hopefully those days are behind us, but if the worst were to occur here’s what will happen:


If a show is rescheduled, Oztix will advise all ticket purchasers of the new date and that tickets are automatically valid for the new date. (They also send out a show reminder email 48hrs before the new show date. In that reminder email, the tickets will reflect the new show date).

If you can make the new date, you’re all sorted. There’s nothing you need to do (except enjoy the show!)

If you can’t make the new date you’ll be able to obtain a refund on your tickets. The instructions & links for obtaining a refund will be in the reschedule advice email. You’ll have 14 days from the date of that email to request the refund.


If a show is cancelled, Oztix will automatically provide a full refund to all ticket purchasers.